We believe that entrepreneurship unlocks the human potential that makes the world a better place. We look for the solutions to those big problems in the world and test many ideas in parallel. When one shows great promise, we help recruit a great team, spin it off into a business, and help grow a successful venture.

Corporate Entity Formation

Choosing a type of entity is one of the most important steps for a new or growing business. Each form has its own liability and taxation implications, as well as ownership restrictions. Let us help limit your personal liability and protect your assets and key business relationships. The Malibu Lawyer has the experience to help you with the key decisions that need to be made when establishing yourself.

"How should I set up my business? What kind of shares should I issue to my members? What governing documents do I need?" We can help you understand the intricacies of forming and organizing your business!

Creative Contract Drafting

Contracts are the structured building blocks for any venture. Having a well written contract that covers the bases from the inception of your business is crucial to prevent headaches in the future and gives you the assurances that key assets and relationships are protected. A well written contract also helps to defuse disputes and ensures efficient workflow. The Malibu Lawyer has a repertoire of tried and true, cost-effective contract templates that are ready to be personalized to your needs.

Contract Review

Received a contract from a third party and need it reviewed before signing on the dotted line? Be sure you understand what you are getting yourself into and aren't missing anything.

We got you covered!

Other Business Law Services

  • Pre-formation Planning
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • M&A
  • Corporate Book Management
  • Dissolutions
  • Ownership Disputes
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Looking to turn an idea into sustainable revenue? Need help marketing your business, lowering customer acquisition, or maximizing your success?
  • We help startups in all-stages find product-fit, scale, and grow their companies.

We Incubate, Nourish & Grow Ideas into Ventures

We help you take an idea, create a business and support the growth of your vision. Throughout that process, whether you are looking for an attorney to start your business, review, draft or negotiate an agreement, or handle complex projects involving several parties across multiple jurisdictions, The Malibu Lawyer is here to help.

Corporate Strategy

There are several questions an entrepreneur faces when embarking on a new venture, such as choosing the right business entity, ownership structure, who to hire, and what positions to hire for.

Increase customer acquisition, grow revenue and help you secure strategic partnerships.

At every step of the process, the goal is to protect our client's rights and enhance the value of their businesses by providing expert legal counsel and/or negotiating and drafting sound commercial contracts.

We help startups find product-market fit to launch, scale, and grow their companies. Spend three months with us, learning from our ecosystem’s greatest entrepreneurial minds, while getting exposed to the tech community and turning your ideas into a sustainable long-term business.

Business Development

Need help creating a roadmap for marketing your business, getting more clients, or finding a business model that aligns with your purpose and maximizing your success? The Malibu Lawyer can help.

Idea Incubator / Business Idea Gauntlet

Have a brilliant idea that needs to be tested?  Deciding its viability? Need help deciding on next steps, corporate goals, and meeting strategic objectives?

This service is for those who are developing their ideas and want to discuss it confidentially with someone during the business’s initial stage of growth. We sign a non-disclosure/non-compete with you to ensure the safety of your ideas.

The Modern Offering for the Modern Client

Everyday, we strive to better our services, streamline our processes and increase our efficiency.  

During the first session, we work with our clients to assess the current needs of the business, set the goals and direction, and identify any gaps that could impact critical business objectives.

All of our subscriptions include:
Document review
Cease & Desist letters
Scheduled client "quick calls"
Strategy session
Contract review & guidance
Deal management & contract negotiations
Customized contract drafting
Operations development & support

Entity Setup Package


One flat fee to get your business up and running.

Let us help you choose the best structure to prepare you for success. We will not only get your business entity formed but help you understand why. Our expedited, flat rate services can help you set up and establish your business!

This Package Includes:

  • Initial Consultation with The Malibu Lawyer
  • Articles of Incorporation / Organization Filing
  • Preparation of Bylaws
  • Assigning / Distribution of Stock to Shareholders
  • Trademark and Copyright Registration
  • Initial User Customer Agreements
  • Operating Agreement
  • Obtain EIN
  • NDA and Disclaimer
  • Business / Resale License Application
  • Agenda / Minutes Templates
  • Stock Certifications
  • S-Corp Election

Carbon Beach Package

$500/M (2 Hours Prepaid)

Looking for a new perspective on a contract, or guidance on which entity is the best for your particular company? This is a way for a business to have a lawyer on their team without the cost of hiring a full-time, in-house lawyer.

Broad Beach Package

$1000/M (4 Hours prepaid)

Hiring employees, dealing with complex investors and partnerships, or in need of creative contract drafting to ensure that all your assets are covered? The Carbon Beach package is ideal for clients that need consistent legal advice and are ready to scale their company.

Zuma Beach Package

$2000/M (8 Hours prepaid)

Tailor a package to your specific needs and take full control of how you want us to best support and help grow your business. No two businesses are the same.  

We offer custom packages to companies of all sizes ranging from startups to late stage companies on an hourly basis. Contact The Malibu Lawyer now so that we can get to know you, asses your needs, and help you build a custom package to reach your goals!

The Malibu Lawyer knows what Real Estate is like from the inside.

Prior to law school, Ian obtained a real estate broker's license and worked in the commercial, luxury, and single-family residence markets of Malibu, West LA and Topanga Canyon. His background as a real estate broker has given him a significant skill in heeding to client needs and he uses this knowledge to provide a well-rounded practical and legal experience for his clients. Whether it be leases, sales, or purchases, Ian finds solace in getting you home.

Ian Roven, The Malibu Lawyer is a highly skilled lawyer who handles many types of real estate transactions. His previous experience working as a certified broker along with working alongside many members of the Real Estate industry has allowed him to understand the landscape in a unique way and to therefore provide innovative solutions.  

Ian Roven approaches real estate transactions with the goals of completing them quickly and with minimal risk. As The Malibu Lawyer has dealt with many real estate transactions, he is therefore quickly able to recognize the important terms of the contract, anticipate problems, and quickly overcome them.  

We focus in Commercial Lease Reviews and Negotiations, Purchase and Sale Agreements, and Asset and Property Management. We offer other real estate transaction services as well including:

  • Broker/Agent Representation
  • Acquisition & Disposition
  • Syndication & Development
  • Mediation
  • Real Estate LLC Formation & Organization